The guinea pig pregnancy calculator aids in estimating the anticipated day of delivery for your guinea pig. It is versatile, allowing you to determine the breeding date if the due date is known. Discovering if a guinea pig is pregnant and understanding the duration of its pregnancy is also covered.

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Guinea pig gestation period

Guinea pigs, despite their name, neither originate from Guinea nor belong to the pig family. These small mammals are rodents, sharing only their mammalian nature with pigs. A remarkable fact about guinea pigs is that their pregnancy typically spans from 59 to 72 days, with the average birth occurring around the 65th day.

Breeding guinea pigs presents considerable challenges. It’s not a straightforward process, and complications are common. Mothers often face the risk of mortality during labor. Additionally, it’s crucial to separate male offspring to prevent conflicts and the possibility of them mating with their mother, a behavior they can exhibit after just three weeks from birth. Seeking guidance from a veterinarian is essential when considering breeding for your guinea pig, ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the offspring.

How to use the guinea pig gestation calculator?

Explore our guinea pig pregnancy calculator for a hassle-free estimation of your furry friend’s due date or breeding day. Simply click on the calendar icon next to the breeding or due date, and choose the correct year, month, and day.

Keep in mind that our calculator assumes a standard 65-day pregnancy for guinea pigs. While it provides a close estimate, the actual delivery date may vary by a few days. For more accurate information, consult your veterinarian.

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The Need for a Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator

Determining pregnancy in guinea pigs can be challenging without the right tools. A guinea pig pregnancy calculator becomes invaluable in providing accurate estimates of the gestation period, allowing owners to prepare adequately for the upcoming arrivals.

How a Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator Works

These calculators operate on established gestation periods, factoring in the average duration of guinea pig pregnancies. They consider the date of mating and provide an estimated due date, helping owners plan for the exciting event.

When to Use the Calculator

Using the guinea pig pregnancy calculator at the right time is crucial for accurate results. Ideally, it should be employed shortly after mating, considering the typical gestation period of a guinea pig.

Choosing the Right Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator

Not all pregnancy calculators are created equal. Features such as ease of use, accuracy, and additional information provided should be considered when selecting the right calculator for your guinea pig.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Calculator

To ensure precise results, follow a step-by-step guide when using the guinea pig pregnancy calculator. This includes entering the correct mating date and understanding the factors that may influence the accuracy of the calculation.

Monitoring and Caring for a Pregnant Guinea Pig

Once pregnancy is confirmed, special care is needed. Adjust the guinea pig’s diet to include more nutrients and create a comfortable birthing environment.

Common Myths About Guinea Pig Pregnancy

Dispelling myths around guinea pig pregnancy is essential for informed and responsible pet ownership. Addressing misconceptions helps owners provide the best care possible.

Preparing for Guinea Pig Birth

As the due date approaches, signs of impending labor become evident. Setting up a birthing area with appropriate bedding and warmth ensures a safe and stress-free environment.

Post-Pregnancy Care for Mothers and Babies

Post-birth, the mother requires specific nutritional support, and monitoring the health of both mother and babies is crucial for their well-being.


In conclusion, understanding guinea pig pregnancy is essential for responsible pet ownership. Utilizing a guinea pig pregnancy calculator, monitoring for signs of pregnancy, and providing proper care contribute to the health and well-being of both the mother and her adorable offspring.

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator (FAQs)

How long are guinea pigs pregnant?

Guinea pigs typically have a gestation period ranging from 59 to 72 days. However, it’s common for them to deliver their offspring between the 63rd and 68th days of pregnancy.

How do I tell if your guinea pig is pregnant?

If your female guinea pig has been housed with a male companion and there are signs of a mating ritual, it’s likely that she is pregnant. However, it can be challenging to observe immediate changes in body shape or features during the initial weeks of pregnancy. Detecting these changes may take some time as they become more noticeable over the gestation period.

How many babies can a guinea pig have?

Guinea pigs typically give birth to 2 to 4 pups in each litter and can have as many as five litters in a year. Following childbirth, they can become pregnant again within a few hours. Hence, it is crucial to separate the new mother from any males for an appropriate duration after giving birth to prevent rapid re-pregnancy.

Do guinea pigs get periods?

Guinea pigs experience reproductive cycles approximately every 15 to 17 days, unlike humans who have menstrual periods involving bleeding.

When will my guinea pig give birth?

Expect a guinea pig to deliver its litter about 65 days after mating. Easily determine the due date using our guinea pig pregnancy calculator.

Is it normal for a guinea pig to gain weight during pregnancy?

Yes, weight gain is a common sign of pregnancy in guinea pigs as they prepare for the arrival of the babies.

Can I feel the babies moving inside the pregnant guinea pig?

Feeling the babies moving is challenging due to the thickness of the guinea pig’s fur and the small size of the embryos.

How many babies can a guinea pig have in one litter?

Guinea pigs usually have 2 to 4 babies in a litter, but larger litters are not uncommon.

Should I provide additional supplements to a pregnant guinea pig?

Consult with a veterinarian before giving any supplements, as a well-balanced diet should meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant guinea pig.

What should I do if complications arise during guinea pig birth?

In case of complications, seek immediate veterinary assistance to ensure the health and safety of the mother and her babies.

How long is the gestation period for guinea pigs?

The average gestation period for guinea pigs is around 63 to 68 days.

Can I use a human pregnancy calculator for my guinea pig?

No, it’s recommended to use a specialized guinea pig pregnancy calculator designed for accurate results.

What should I feed a pregnant guinea pig?

A pregnant guinea pig needs a diet rich in hay, fresh vegetables, and vitamin C to support her health and the development of the babies.

Should I separate the male guinea pig during pregnancy?

It’s advisable to separate the male guinea pig to prevent any stress or potential harm to the pregnant female.

How can I tell if my guinea pig is in labor?

Signs of labor include restlessness, nesting behavior, and occasionally, vocalizations.