Are you looking to estimate the volume of hardwood lumber you plan to purchase? Our board foot calculator makes this process quick and straightforward. Board footage, unlike square footage, measures the volume of lumber. If you’re unsure about board feet or its calculation, read on for more details or simply enter your wood piece dimensions into our calculator!

What is a board foot?

A board foot is the volume of a one-inch thick, one-square-foot piece of lumber. To convert regular volume units into board feet, use this relation: 1 board foot = 144 cubic inches = 1/12 cubic foot.

How to calculate board feet:

Use the formula: board feet = length (ft) × width (in) × thickness (in) / 12. Pay attention to the units: length in feet, width, and thickness in inches.

Using the lumber calculator: an example

Let’s say you want to buy five hardwood boards, each 8 feet long, 10 inches wide, and 1.25 inches thick. Plug these into the formula:

board feet = 8 × 10 × 1.25 / 12 = 8.33 BF

Multiply by the number of pieces: 5 × 8.33 = 41.67 BF.

Now, if one board foot costs $4.15, the total cost is 41.67 × $4.15 = $172.92.


How do you calculate board feet in a log?

Use a Doyle or International ¼-inch rule table. Measure the shorter end’s diameter and the log’s length. Find where these values meet on the table or use the equation ((Diameter – 4)/4)² × Length.

How do you measure a board foot?

Measure length in feet, width in inches (or feet without dividing by 12), and thickness in inches. Multiply, then divide by 12.

How many board feet in a 2×4?

Check the table for various lengths of a 2×4 to find the corresponding board feet.

What’s the difference between board foot and linear foot?

Board foot measures volume; linear foot measures length.

What is a board foot insulation?

It measures the volume spray foam insulation covers, equivalent to 1 ft × 1 ft × 1 in.

How much does a board foot of oak weigh?

Approximately 3.08-4.67 lb (1.42-2.12 kg), averaging at 3.875 lb (1.77 kg), based on oak density.

How many board feet in 320 square feet?

For a 320 sq ft area with a depth of 1 inch, there are 320 board feet.

Feel free to use our calculator for your lumber needs, and explore our other calculators for flooring and decking!