This cubic yard calculator, also known as a yardage calculator, facilitates the determination of volume in cubic yards. If you’re curious about the value of a cubic yard, the conversion between cubic feet and cubic yards, or how to convert cubic inches to cubic yards, this text provides comprehensive answers. Additionally, it guides you through estimating volume from square feet to cubic yards, offering practical insights.

What is a Cubic Yard?

A cubic yard is a unit of volume, representing the volume of a cube with edges measuring 1 yard. Symbolized as 1 yd³ or 1 cu yd, it answers the question: How many 1-cubic-yard cubes can fit inside an object?

Uses of Cubic Yards: Cubic yards find frequent application in activities like digging and filling holes with materials such as gravel, sand, or mulch. They’re ideal for large-scale operations due to their suitability for such volumetric assessments.

Converting Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards:

Formula: 1 yd3=27 ft31yd3=27ft3

The conversion factor is 27, or equivalently, 127271​ when going from cubic feet to cubic yards.

Converting Cubic Inches to Cubic Yards:

Formula: 1 yd3=46,656 in31yd3=46,656in3

The conversion ratio from cubic yards to cubic inches is 46,656, and from cubic inches to cubic yards, it is 146,65646,6561​.

Estimating Volume from Square Feet to Cubic Yards:

Pyramid-like Volume: Volume=13×area×depthVolume=31​×area×depth

Prism-like Volume: Volume=area×depthVolume=area×depth

For other shapes, specific formulas apply, considering their unique characteristics.

How to Use the Cubic Yard Calculator:

  1. Consider the shape of the structure or hole.
  2. Choose the corresponding option.
  3. Input dimensions.
  4. Instantly obtain the volume in cubic yards.

Yardage Calculator in Practice:

Example: Calculating yardage for concrete alleys in a garden.

  1. Total path distance: 320 ft, width: 5 ft, depth: 20 in.
  2. Calculate square footage: 320 ft×5 ft=1600 ft2320ft×5ft=1600ft2.
  3. Convert inches to feet: 20 in×112=123 ft20in×121​=312​ft.
  4. Convert to cubic feet: 1600 ft2×123ft=266623 ft31600ft2×ft132​​=266632​ft3.
  5. Convert to cubic yards: 266623 ft3×127=98.77 yd3266632​ft3×271​=98.77yd3.


This cubic yard calculator simplifies complex volume calculations for various shapes. Whether estimating materials for construction or planning a garden, the tool ensures precision without the hassle. For further convenience, input the unit price to evaluate the total project cost.

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How many cubic feet is 2 cubic yards? The answer is 54 ft³. Utilize the conversion factor (1 yd³ = 27 ft³) by multiplying 2 cubic yards by 27, resulting in 54 cubic feet. Always include the unit for clarity.