Discovering the size of a piece of land or transitioning between imperial and metric area units is made easy with our Acreage Calculator. Whether you’re estimating total area or calculating material costs for a specific plot, this tool is here to assist. Input the width and length, choose your preferred units, and instantly obtain the area. Moreover, by entering the cost per unit area, you can determine the overall cost.

How it Works

The Acreage Calculator requires only the width and length of the land, expressed in either metric or imperial units. The simplest calculation uses metric units, where a square with sides of 10 meters equals 1 acre. The calculator accommodates various units, including centimeters, inches, feet, yards, miles, and more.

For similar operations, explore our Square Footage Calculator and Area Conversion Tool.

Unit Conversions

Hectares to Acres

Easily convert hectares to acres by selecting ‘ha’ from the drop-down list. Although 1 acre equals 0.4047 hectares, our tool provides real-time results.

Acres to Square Meters

Convert acres to square meters effortlessly by typing the result in acres and changing the unit. This conversion is a valuable tool, even within the imperial system.

Acres to Square Miles

Convert acres to square miles by changing the unit in the drop-down list. The reverse operation (square miles to acres) is also possible with a simple unit change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Convert Hectares to Acres?

  1. Write down the area in hectares.
  2. Multiply the area by 2.471054.
  3. The result is the area in acres.

For the reverse conversion (acres to hectares), divide in Step 2 instead of multiplying.

How to Convert Acres to Square Meters?

  1. Recall that one acre is 4,046.85642 square meters.
  2. Multiply the area in acres by 4,046.85642.
  3. The result is the area in square meters.

What is 20 Hectares in Acres?

Approximately 49.42 acres, as one hectare equals 2.471054 acres.

Acre vs. Hectare

1 hectare is larger than 1 acre. One hectare contains 2.471054 acres, meaning one acre is slightly more than 0.4 of a hectare.

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