Are you puzzled by cubic feet calculations? Don’t worry! Our cubic feet calculator is here to simplify the process for you. Whether you’re estimating the volume of a cuboid container or determining the material needed for earthworks, such as soil, sand, or gravel, this tool has you covered. Read on to discover how to calculate cubic feet and make those calculations a breeze!

How to Calculate Cubic Feet

“Calculating cubic feet” essentially means finding the volume of an object in cubic feet. The formula for volume is straightforward for box-shaped objects:


If all dimensions are in feet, the volume obtained is in cubic feet. This is useful for various situations in daily life, such as estimating the volume of appliances, luggage, or materials like sand or gravel.

Converting Units to Cubic Feet

But what if your dimensions are in units other than feet? No problem! You can convert them either before or after volume calculation:

  1. Convert Before Calculation:
    • Inches: Divide each value by 12.
    • Yards: Multiply each value by 3.
    • Centimeters: Divide each value by 30.48.
    • Meters: Multiply each value by 3.281.
  2. Convert Directly to Cubic Feet:
    • Inches: Divide the volume by 1,728.
    • Yards: Multiply the volume by 27.
    • Centimeters: Divide the volume by 28,316.847.
    • Meters: Multiply the volume by 35.315.

For different units in each dimension, the first method is recommended to avoid errors. Alternatively, use our cubic feet calculator to skip the conversions!

Example: Cubic Feet from Inches

Let’s take an oven with dimensions in inches: Width = 30 in, Height = 36 in, Depth = 25 in.

Step 1: Convert to Feet Width=30 in12=2.5 ftWidth=1230 in​=2.5 ft Height=36 in12=3 ftHeight=1236 in​=3 ft Depth=25 in12≈2.083 ftDepth=1225 in​≈2.083 ft

Calculate Volume: Volume=2.5 ft×3 ft×2.083 ft=15.625 ft3Volume=2.5 ft×3 ft×2.083 ft=15.625 ft3

Step 2: Alternatively Volume=30 in×36 in×25 in1,728=15.625 ft3Volume=1,72830 in×36 in×25 in​=15.625 ft3

Calculating Cubic Feet of Soil

Calculating cubic feet of soil is similar. Determine the area to cover, then find the volume:

Step 1: Determine Area Area=length×widthArea=length×width

Step 2: Find Volume Volume=area×heightVolume=area×height

Step 3: Convert to Cubic Feet Volume=Volume in cubic yards×27Volume=Volume in cubic yards×27

For irregular shapes, divide the area and calculate separately. Our cubic feet calculator can also estimate soil cost and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Volume of a 5ft x 5ft x 5ft cube: 125 ft3125 ft3
  • Calculating Cubic Yards from Feet: Divide each dimension by 3, then multiply.
  • Volume of a 1ft x 1ft x 1ft cube: 1 ft31 ft3
  • Calculating Cubic Meters from Centimeters: Divide each dimension by 100, then multiply.

Enjoy easy cubic feet calculations with our user-friendly calculator!