Welcome to our kilograms (kg) to gallons converter, a versatile tool for quick and easy conversions between fluid and dry weights. This converter supports both kg to gallons and gallons to kg conversions, providing valuable insights for various substances, including wet ingredients like milk and oil, as well as dry ingredients such as flour and sugar.

How to Use the Converter

  1. Select Category and Item:
    • Choose the desired category from the “Convert for” field.
    • Select the specific item from the list, such as cereals or liquids.
  2. Enter Quantity:
    • If converting from kg to gallons, input the weight in the “Weight” field.
    • If converting from gallons to kg, input the volume in the “Volume” field.
  3. Example Conversion:
    • For instance, to convert 7 kg of rice to US gallons:
      • Select “Cereals” from the category.
      • Choose “Rice” from the item list.
      • Enter 7 in the “Weight” field.
      • The result will be displayed (e.g., 2.57 gallons).

Kg to Gallons Conversion Formulas

Kg to Gallons

  • Formula: Quantity in Gallons = Quantity in Kg / (3.785412 * Density)
  • Example: Converting 9.5 kg of cooking oil with a density of 0.88 g/ml results in 2.85 gallons.

Gallons to Kg

  • Formula: Quantity in Kg = Quantity in Gallons * 3.785412 * Density

Water Conversion

  • For water, the conversion ratio is approximately:
    • 1 kg = 0.26 gal
    • 1 gal = 3.79 kg

Common Cooking Commodities Conversion Table (1, 2, 3 kg to Gallons)

Liquid1 kg2 kg3 kg
Water0.26 gal0.52 gal0.79 gal
Milk0.25 gal0.50 gal0.76 gal
Oil0.30 gal0.60 gal0.90 gal
Flour0.49 gal0.99 gal1.49 gal
Sugar0.37 gal0.75 gal1.13 gal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Example Conversion

  • Q: How many gallons in 24 kg of olive oil?
    • A: 24 kg of olive oil is approximately 6.91 gallons (density: 0.918 g/ml).

Kg to Gallons Ratio

  • The ratio of kg to gallons is 1:0.26 or 3.79:1 for substances with a density equal to water (1 g/ml).

Weight of a Gallon of Milk

  • A gallon of milk weighs approximately 3.90 kg (density: 1.03 g/ml).

Gallon of Water Weight

  • There are 3.79 kg in 1 gallon of water.

General Conversion

  • Q: Can I convert 26 kg of water to gallons?
    • A: Yes, 26 kg of water is equal to 6.87 gallons.

Kg to Gallons Formula

  • For water conversions:
    • Quantity in Gallons = Quantity in Kg × 0.26 or Quantity in Kg / 3.79


This kg to gallons converter provides a comprehensive and user-friendly approach for various substances. Whether you’re in the kitchen or curious about everyday conversions, this tool simplifies the process. Feel free to explore our other converters for additional convenience.