Understanding Milliliters (ml) and Cups

How many ml in a cup?

A cup is equivalent to 237 ml. If you’re faced with a recipe using different units, our ml to cups converter can come in handy.

Converting ml to cups and vice versa

To convert ml to cups, divide the ml amount by 237: amount in cups = amount in ml / 237. To convert cups to ml, multiply the cup amount by 237: amount in ml = amount in cups × 237.

How to Use the Converter

  1. Access the Converter Panel:
    • On the left side of the page, locate the converter panel.
  2. Default Values:
    • The default value shows 237 ml in one cup.
  3. Converting ml to Cups:
    • Replace the default 237 with the desired ml value for conversion.
  4. Converting Cups to ml:
    • Enter your desired cup value in the second row, labeled “Cup(s).”
  5. Result:
    • Instantly obtain the converted value, making conversions hassle-free.

Conversion Chart

Here’s a quick reference for common conversions:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I convert 200 ml to cups?

  • Divide 200 ml by 237: 200/237 ≈ 0.84 cups.

Q: How do I convert 2/3 cup to ml?

  • Use the conversion equation: (237 ml/cup) × (2/3 cups) = 158 ml.

Q: How do I measure ml without a measuring cup?

  • Options include using teaspoons, tablespoons, standard glasses (250 ml full, 125 ml half), a kitchen scale (1 g = 1 ml), or an empty bottle with a known volume.

Understanding ml in Comparison to Cups

One ml is a mere fraction (0.0042) of a cup, with 237 ml constituting one cup. Half a cup equals 119 ml, and two cups equal 474 ml—roughly half a liter. In simpler terms, 100 ml is about 0.42 cups, and 200 ml is approximately 0.84 cups.