Volume Conversion Made Easy

Discover the simplicity of our volume conversion tool, designed to effortlessly switch between the most common volume units. Not only do we provide results in the eight popular units automatically, but you can explore 21 variants by clicking on the unit name.

Volume Units Available

  • Cubic millimeters (mm³)
  • Cubic centimeters (cm³)
  • Cubic decimeters (dm³)
  • Cubic meters (m³)
  • Cubic inches (cu in)
  • Cubic feet (cu ft)
  • Cubic yards (cu yd)
  • Milliliters (ml)
  • Liters (l)
  • Gallons (US/UK) (gal)
  • Quarts (US/UK) (qt)
  • Pints (US/UK) (pt)
  • Fluid ounces (US/UK) (fl oz)
  • US customary cups/glasses (236.59ml) (cups)
  • Tablespoons (15 ml) (tablespoons)
  • Teaspoons (5 ml) (teaspoons)

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Volume Conversion Chart

Easily convert imperial volume units to milliliters using this handy conversion chart:

Fluid ounce28.4128.4128.413029.57

No need for additional conversion charts; our calculator has you covered.

Volume Conversion Explained

Ever wondered how to convert 550 ml of milk to cups or pints for that international recipe? Simply input the value next to milliliters in our calculator, and instantly get the answer in cups (2.32), pints (1.16), or even teaspoons (110).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I convert from liters to gallons?

To convert from liters to gallons, use the formula: 1�=0.264 gal (US)=0.22 gal (UK).1L=0.264 gal (US)=0.22 gal (UK). Quickly estimate by dividing the volume in US gallons by 4.

How do I convert volume in the metric system?

  1. Identify the base unit: cubic meter.
  2. Convert the initial unit to cubic meters.
  3. Convert cubic meters to the final unit.

How much is 5 liters in cubic feet?

5 liters equal 0.177 cubic feet (ft³). 5 L=0.005 m³→0.177 ft³.5 L=0.005 m³→0.177 ft³.

Why do we measure volume in cubic meters?

We measure volume in cubic meters because it represents the space an object occupies in three dimensions. Cubic meters encapsulate a three-dimensional measurement unit.

Explore the simplicity of our volume conversion tool and make your cooking and baking adventures hassle-free!