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Introduction to GMROI

If you’re eager to assess how efficiently your company turns inventory into profit, you’re in the right place. The Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) calculator is designed to assist you in this evaluation. This guide covers the basics of GMROI, how to calculate it, what constitutes a good indicator, and practical ways to utilize this metric for better inventory management.

What is GMROI?

GMROI, or Gross Margin Return on Investment, is a crucial metric for gauging the profitability of your inventory. In essence, it reveals how effectively your company leverages its inventory to generate gross profit.

Calculating GMROI

The GMROI formula is straightforward:

�����=Gross ProfitAverage Inventory CostGMROI=Average Inventory CostGross Profit​


  • Gross Profit = Net sales minus the cost of sold goods
  • Average Inventory Cost = Average of beginning and ending inventory

What’s a Good GMROI?

In general, a GMROI higher than one signals profitability. The higher the GMROI, the better. For retail stores, a rule of thumb suggests a GMROI of 3.2 as a favorable indicator. Conversely, a GMROI lower than one indicates low margins, prompting the need for inventory management improvements.

Using GMROI to Enhance Profitability

Companies, particularly in retail, invest significantly in inventory. GMROI guides you in understanding whether your inventory is profitable. It helps in making informed decisions, such as adjusting product prices or quantities, to boost margins.

Example Calculation

Let’s consider a hypothetical company, Alpha, with the following details:

  • Gross Profit: $150,000
  • Average Inventory Cost: $50,000


This means Alpha makes $3 in gross profits for every dollar spent on inventory, translating to a 300% profit on inventory costs.


Q: How to Get the 2021 GMROI of a Retail Company like Amazon?

To determine the GMROI for a retail giant like Amazon in 2021:

  1. Find inventory values from the Balance Sheet (average of 2020 and 2021).
  2. Locate gross profit from the Income Statement.
  3. Calculate GMROI by dividing gross profit by average inventory cost.


Q: How Can I Increase GMROI?

Several strategies include raising product prices, reducing inventory investment, minimizing costs, and improving inventory turnover through constant levels and increased sales volume.

Q: Difference Between DIO and GMROI?

Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) measures the time it takes for inventory to turn into sales, while GMROI assesses how efficiently inventory generates gross profit.


In conclusion, GMROI serves as a powerful tool for evaluating inventory profitability. By understanding and utilizing this metric, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance margins and overall financial performance. If you’re curious about your company’s inventory efficiency, GMROI is a key metric to explore.