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Beat the summer heat and turn it into a lucrative opportunity by setting up a refreshing lemonade stand throughout July and August. Not only is it a great way to cool off, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about money and business.

How to Make Lemonade:

Learn the art of preparing lemonade either from scratch or using lemon concentrate or powder. Follow our easy recipes and ensure compliance with local regulations by obtaining the necessary permits.

Starting Your Lemonade Stand Business:

Discover the financial side of your lemonade business. Categorize expenses into direct (e.g., lemons and cups) and indirect (e.g., advertising or stand rental) costs. Use our lemonade stand calculator to determine the right selling price, considering costs and desired profit.

Using the Lemonade Stand Calculator:

Our user-friendly calculator takes into account average prices from Walmart. Set a target goal, decide on the number of cups to sell, cup size, and input costs. The calculator helps you find the optimal selling price for profitability.

10 Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand:

Boost your stand’s success with these tips:

  1. Choose a busy and safe location.
  2. Make your stand visually appealing with balloons and LEDs.
  3. Consider selling snacks or sandwiches for added profit.
  4. Differentiate your lemonade with creative additions like lemon slices or mint.
  5. Use sphere ice to keep drinks cooler for longer.
  6. Incorporate entertainment, like performances, to attract customers.
  7. Always have spare change for customers with paper money.
  8. Track weather patterns for optimal sales.
  9. Set up a tip jar to receive appreciation for your business.