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Estimating budget and Annual Contract Value (ACV) can be challenging for many software companies. Our Software Contract Value Calculator is designed to simplify this process, providing quick calculations for both annual and total contract values. With just a few clicks, you can determine the financial impact of each contract.

Required Data: To use the calculator, input the following information:

  1. Retail Price: Regular monthly cost per user subscription.
  2. Seats: Number of users paying for software access.
  3. Discount: Optionally, enter a percentage or a fixed discount for bulk purchases.
  4. Contract Duration: Choose the duration of the customer’s monthly subscription.

Calculator Results: Understand the meaning of each result generated by the calculator:

  1. Discounted Price: Monthly cost per user after applying any discounts.
  2. Monthly Cost: Total monthly revenue calculated by multiplying discounted price by the number of seats.
  3. Annual Cost (ACV): Annual Contract Value – the revenue generated from the customer’s subscription in a year.
  4. Contract Value (TCV): Total Contract Value – the overall revenue considering the contract’s duration; TCV may surpass ACV for contracts longer than a year.

Additional Tools: Explore other business aspects with our Marketing Conversion Calculator. If you’re torn between building or buying software, use our Build vs. Buy Calculator for insights.


1. What is the difference between ACV and TCV?

  • ACV represents the contract value after one year, while TCV measures the total revenue at the end of the contract.

2. How do I calculate Annual Contract Value?

  • Write down the contract duration in years.
  • Note the total contract value.
  • Divide the total value by the number of years to get the ACV.

3. What is the ACV of a $15 monthly subscription?

  • The ACV for a $15 monthly subscription is $180, obtained by multiplying the monthly value by 12.

4. Why is Annual Contract Value important?

  • ACV is a critical metric for measuring revenue from customer contracts, providing an average value over a year and helping identify contracts with significant long-term revenue potential.

Conclusion: Our Software Contract Value Calculator streamlines the complex process of budgeting and estimating contract values, providing valuable insights for effective business planning. Ensure to leverage additional tools like the Marketing Conversion Calculator and Build vs. Buy Calculator for a comprehensive business analysis.