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Curious about how much YouTubers make? The YouTube Money Calculator is a fantastic tool for those intrigued by the business side of YouTube and aspiring creators looking to understand how to make money on the platform.

Using the Calculator:

  1. Know your RPM (Revenue Per Mille – revenue per thousand impressions).
  2. Input the number of video views.
  3. Utilize the YouTube Money Calculator with RPM and views.
  4. Choose the time unit for views (e.g., views per day).
  5. Choose the desired time unit for expected revenue.
  6. The result provides an estimate of money made on the video, considering YouTube’s 45% cut.

Understanding RPM:

RPM, or revenue per mille, represents revenue per thousand impressions. It’s a key metric used in online business, similar to CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

YouTube Income Equation:

  • Estimated Gross Earnings = RPM × Number of Views / 1000
  • Estimated Net Earnings = Estimated Gross Earnings × (55 / 100)

Example Calculation: Let’s say a YouTuber has an RPM of $6.5 and gets 13,500 views daily:

  • Estimated Gross Earnings = $6.5 × 13,500 / 1000 = $87.75
  • Estimated Net Earnings = $87.75 × (55 / 100) = $48.26

Thus, with an RPM of $6.5 and 13,500 views per day, the YouTuber would earn approximately $48.26 daily.

Top YouTube Earners in 2018:

  1. Ryan ToysReview ($22 million)
  2. Jake Paul ($21.5 million)
  3. Dude Perfect ($20 million)
  4. DanTDM ($18.5 million)
  5. Jeffree Star ($18 million)
  6. Markiplier ($17.5 million)
  7. VanossGaming ($17 million)
  8. Jacksepticeye ($16 million)
  9. PewDiePie ($15.5 million)
  10. Logan Paul ($14.5 million)

Earning money on YouTube has evolved since its 2007 Partner Program launch, showcasing impressive figures for top creators. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make money on YouTube, exploring these successful channels can provide valuable insights.