Discover the perfect amount of coffee for your needs with our comprehensive Coffee Calculator. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or exploring the world of tea, our tool offers insights into caffeine content, brand comparisons, and tips for a healthier approach.

How to Use the Coffee Calculator:

  1. Enter Your Weight:
    • Input your weight in any preferred unit.
  2. Select Caffeine Sensitivity:
    • Choose your tolerance level, ranging from very tolerant to highly sensitive.
  3. Pick Your Favorite Caffeinated Drink:
    • Explore various brands and beverages to find your favorite.
  4. Enjoy the Results:
    • Receive personalized recommendations and valuable tips based on your preferences.

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Calculating Caffeine Content in Coffee:

  1. Check the Label:
    • Identify the caffeine amount per 100g on your drink’s label.
  2. Determine Mass or Volume:
    • Locate the mass in grams or volume in milliliters of your drink.
  3. Calculate Caffeine:
    • If using mass: Total Caffeine = (Mass/100) × Label Amount.
    • If using volume (assuming 1 ml = 1 g): Use the same equation.

Determining Personal Coffee Limits:

  1. Note Your Weight (in kg):
    • Record your weight for accurate calculations.
  2. Assess Sensitivity:
    • Choose your coffee sensitivity level – very tolerant, normal, or high sensitivity.
  3. Identify Caffeine Needed:
    • Use the formula based on your sensitivity level.
  4. Calculate Number of Portions:
    • Divide Caffeine Needed by the caffeine content in your preferred coffee.
  5. Reminder:
    • Keep your caffeine intake within the recommended limit of 400mg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much coffee is lethal?

The lethal dose is around 10 grams, equivalent to 75-100 cups of regular coffee. However, individual sensitivity and the higher caffeine content in energy drinks should be considered.

Signs of Coffee Overdose:

Watch for symptoms such as flashes, ringing in the ears, nausea, increased thirst, headaches, irritability, and rapid heartbeat, indicating a potential caffeine overdose.

Explore the world of caffeine responsibly with our Coffee Calculator! 🎉