Welcome to the Coffee Ratio Calculator!

Discover the art of coffee measurements and unique brewing methods with our easy-to-use tool. Learn how to calculate coffee-to-water ratios, find out how much coffee per cup you really need, and explore various brewing techniques.

Using the Calculator

  1. Choose Your Desired Coffee Ratio: Select the coffee-to-water ratio that suits your taste preferences. For example, we’ve chosen 9:40 for a unique twist.
  2. Decide on Final Volume: Determine the volume of coffee you want to make. In our example, we’ve chosen 250mL (8.5 US fl oz).
  3. Let’s Calculate! Use the following equations:
    • Coffee Volume = (Total Volume/Total Parts) × Coffee Parts
    • Water Volume = (Total Volume/Total Parts) × Water Parts
    Note: We assume 1 mL = 1 g.For our 9:40 ratio:
    • Coffee Volume = (250 mL/49) × 9 = 45.9 mL (45.9 g)
    • Water Volume = (250 mL/49) × 40 = 204.1 mL
    Result: You need 45.9 g of coffee and 204.1 mL of water.Tip: This calculation doesn’t consider water loss during the process, but our coffee water calculator does.

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How to Calculate Coffee Beans to Water Ratio? Make assumptions: 1 g = 1 mL, 1 coffee bean weighs 0.13g.

For a 1:6 ratio, you’ll need 1 portion of coffee and 6 portions of water.

For every 1 g of coffee, use 6 mL of water or ~8 coffee beans.

Overall, you’ll need around 8 coffee beans for every 6 mL of water.