Imagine a cooking measurement converter that not only handles grams to cups but effortlessly transitions between various units, including grams to tablespoons or cups to pounds. It’s a versatile tool accommodating both volume and weight units. No scale? No problem. Even teaspoon to tablespoon ratios are covered, making it an indispensable resource for any kitchen.

Weight Conversions:

Delving into weight conversions, the converter includes five prevalent units: Gram, Decagram, Kilogram, Ounce, and Pound. Additionally, it caters to the specifics of the U.S. system by incorporating sticks of butter, commonly packaged in 2 or 4-stick configurations. A simplified conversion table aids in quick calculations, making it accessible for all.

gram (g)
decagram (dag)kilogram (kg)pound (lb)ounce (oz)
1 gram (g)10.10.0010.00220460.035274
1 decagram (dag)1010.010.0220460.35274
1 kilogram (kg)100010012.2046235.27396
1 pound (lb)453.5923745.3592370.45359116
1 ounce (oz)28.349522.8349520.028350.06251

Volume Conversions:

Recipes often employ volume measures like cups or fluid ounces, especially in the U.S. Our converter provides seamless transitions from milliliters to cups, tablespoons in a cup, and more. The comprehensive volume conversion table ensures accuracy in switching between units, taking into account the nuances of the Imperial and Metric systems.

milliliter (ml)
liter (L)US cupUK cupUS tbsptbspUS tsptspUS fl ozUK fl ozUS pintUK pint
1 ml10.0010.0042270.0040.067630.066670.20290.20.0338140.0351950.00211340.0017598
1 L100014.227467.6366.67202.920033.81435.1952.11341.7598
1 US cup236.60.236610.94641615.84847.388.30.50.416
1 UK cup2500.251.057116.916.6750.7508.458.80.5280.44
1 US tbsp14.80.01480.06250.059110.98632.9570.50.52040.031250.02602
1 tbsp150.0150.06340.061.01413.04330.50720.52790.03170.0264
1 US tsp4.930.004930.0208330.01970.3330.328610.98580.16670.17350.010420.00867
1 tsp50.0050.0211340.020.3380.3331.014410.16910.1760.010570.008799
1 US fl oz29.60.02960.1250.118321.971665.91511.04080.06250.05204
1 UK fl oz28.40.02840.12010.11371.921.89425.7655.6830.960810.060050.05
1 US pint473.170.4731721.89273231.5459694.641616.65310.8327
1 UK pint568.30.56832.4022.27338.4337.884115.3113.6519.215201.2011

Weight-Volume Conversions:

The heart of the converter lies in its ability to convert between weight and volume, a crucial aspect in diverse culinary endeavors. Acknowledging the importance of ingredient density, the converter covers 17 essential ingredients ranging from Water and Flour to Nuts, Seeds, and Cream. This dynamic feature considers the specific density of each ingredient, ensuring precise and tailored conversions.

Example of Use:

To illustrate the practical application of the converter, let’s consider a scenario. You stumble upon a delectable shortcake recipe with unfamiliar units – 125g butter, 55g powdered sugar, and 180g plain flour. With the converter, selecting the ingredient, entering the amount, and receiving instant conversions becomes a breeze. Discovering that 125g of butter equates to slightly over one stick and is about 0.55 of a cup empowers you to seamlessly adapt the recipe to your preferred units.


In essence, this cooking measurement converter is a comprehensive tool designed to cater to the intricacies of culinary measurements. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, this converter ensures that you can confidently explore diverse recipes without being hindered by unfamiliar units or the absence of a kitchen scale. It’s a culinary companion that simplifies the art of cooking, making it accessible to all.