If you’re on a quest for a healthy and effective weight loss journey, the Adjusted Body Weight Calculator can be a valuable ally. Not only is it useful for individuals aiming to shed pounds, but it’s also a time-saving tool for professional dietitians, streamlining the process of calculating nutritional requirements for their clients.

Understanding Adjusted Body Weight

Adjusted Body Weight (AjBW) is a crucial metric in the realm of dietetics, particularly when tailoring weight loss programs. It becomes especially relevant for individuals dealing with overweight or obesity. This metric addresses the limitation of using actual body weight in estimating energy needs, as adipose tissue’s lower metabolic activity compared to lean tissue can lead to overestimations. AjBW provides a more accurate assessment in such scenarios.

How to Use the Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

  1. Gender Input:
    • Specify your gender.
  2. Height Input:
    • Enter your height.
  3. Weight Input:
    • Input your actual body weight.

The calculator, employing the Robinson formula, then computes your Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and subsequently derives your AjBW, presenting the result for your convenience.

The Adjusted Body Weight Formula

The formula for calculating Adjusted Body Weight (AjBW) is as follows:



  • AjBW is adjusted body weight
  • IBW is ideal body weight
  • ABW is actual body weight

Calculating Ideal Body Weight (IBW)

  1. For Men:
    • IBW=52kg+1.9kg per inch over 5 feet
  2. For Women:
    • IBW=49kg+1.7kg per inch over 5 feet

Example Calculation

Suppose we want to determine the nutritional needs for a 180 cm tall man weighing 90 kg. Using the formula, his AjBW would be calculated as follows:


This means that for dietary considerations, this individual should be treated as if he weighed 79.59 kilograms.

Limitations of the Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

It’s crucial to recognize that the Adjusted Body Weight Calculator is not universally applicable. It’s suitable only when excess weight is attributed to adipose tissue. Situations involving athletes with higher muscle mass or during pregnancy require alternative metrics.

Adjusted Body Weight Calculator (FAQ)

How to Calculate Adjusted Body Weight?

Use the formula: AjBW=IBW+0.4×(ABWIBW)

Formula for Adjusted Body Weight for Obesity:


When to Use Adjusted Body Weight?

Commonly used for overweight or obese patients for accurate nutritional estimations.

Ideal Body Weight for a 5 ft 5 in Woman:

 kgIBW=57.5kg (calculated using Robinson’s formula)