Introduction to Fielding Percentage (FPCT)

Fielding Percentage (FPCT) is a crucial baseball statistic that gauges a player’s ability to correctly handle batted or thrown balls defensively. It serves as a measure of a player’s fielding effectiveness, providing insights into their defensive performance.

Purpose of Fielding Percentage

Although not without limitations, FPCT remains a popular metric for assessing fielding skills. A higher fielding percentage generally indicates more effective fielding. It’s a valuable tool for players and coaches to evaluate performance and adjust training strategies.

Terms in Fielding Percentage Calculation

Before delving into the calculation process, it’s essential to understand key terms:

  • Putout: An outperformed by any player, excluding the pitcher.
  • Assist: Recorded when a player in the outfield position contributes to a putout.
  • Error: Occurs when a fielder fails to make an out or allows runners to advance due to a poor play.
  • Fielding Positions: The nine positions players can take on the defensive team.
  • Fielder: Any player in a defensive position.
  • Total Chances: The overall number of plays a fielder participates in.

Using the Fielding Percentage Calculator

To calculate FPCT for a player or team:

  1. Input the number of putouts.
  2. Enter the number of assists.
  3. Provide the number of errors.

The calculator will display the fielding percentage at the bottom.

Manual Calculation Formula

If you prefer manual calculations, use the formula:


Example Calculation

Consider the University of Nebraska-Omaha team with 1,489 putouts, 496 assists, and 33 errors:


It’s common to round FPCT to three decimal places, so the team’s FPCT is reported as 0.9840.984.

In cases with no recorded errors, FPCT equals 1. In such instances, reporting it as 1.0001.000 is acceptable.


Understanding and calculating Fielding Percentage is integral for players, coaches, and fans alike. Whether using a calculator or manual computation, FPCT provides valuable insights into defensive performance in baseball.