What is FIP?

FIP, or Fielding Independent Pitching, is a key statistic in baseball that evaluates a pitcher’s performance based on factors they can control, such as home runs, walks, hit by pitch, and strikeouts. It eliminates external variables like defensive plays and luck, providing a more accurate measure of a pitcher’s effectiveness.

Key Terms in FIP Calculation:

  • Home Run (HR): When a batter hits the ball and successfully circles all bases without defensive errors.
  • Walk (BB): Awarded when a batter takes four pitches outside the strike zone.
  • Hit by Pitch (HBP): Occurs when a batter is hit by a pitched ball, granting them first base.
  • Strikeout (K): Happens when a batter accumulates three strikes during their at-bat.
  • Innings Pitched (IP): The number of innings a pitcher completes, measured by the number of batters faced.

Using the FIP Calculator:

  1. Choose Constant: Decide if you want to use a standard constant or calculate it based on current league statistics.
  2. Input League Stats: If calculating the constant, provide league ERA, home runs, walks, hit by pitch, strikeouts, and innings pitched.
  3. FIP Calculation: Input the pitcher’s stats for home runs, walks, hit by pitch, strikeouts, and innings pitched.
  4. Get FIP: The calculator will return the Fielding Independent Pitching value.

FIP Formula:

FIP=IP(13×HR)+(3×(BB+HBP))−(2×K)​+FIP constant

Calculating the Constant:

ERA−(13×league HR)+(3×(league BB+league HBP))−(2×league K)league IPFIPconstant=league ERA−league IP(13×league HR)+(3×(league BB+league HBP))−(2×league K)​

Example Calculation:

Given a pitcher with 21 home runs, 55 walks, 13 hit by pitch, 235 strikeouts, and 145 innings pitched, using the 2019 league constant of 3.214:


Why Use FIP?

FIP is a powerful metric for assessing a pitcher’s performance, focusing solely on their skills and providing valuable insights for improvement. While not flawless, it’s one of the most accurate ways to analyze a player’s abilities, making it a crucial tool for players, coaches, and fans.


Understanding and calculating FIP gives a nuanced view of a pitcher’s effectiveness, helping individuals and teams make informed decisions for training and game strategy.

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