Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast or a player, the True Shooting (TS) calculator is a valuable tool. This article breaks down the True Shooting Percentage statistic and guides you through using the TS calculator.

What is True Shooting Percentage?

True Shooting Percentage (TS%) is a basketball metric used to assess a player’s shooting efficiency. It is calculated using the total points scored, field goal attempts (FGA), and free throw attempts (FTA).

How to Use the TS Calculator:

  1. Input total points scored.
  2. Input FGA (Field Goal Attempts).
  3. Input FTA (Free Throw Attempts).
  4. The calculator returns the player’s TS%.

Calculating True Shooting Percentage:

Use these formulas:

  • TSA (True Shooting Attempts): TSA = FGA + (0.44 × FTA)
  • TS% (True Shooting Percentage): TS% = Points / (2 × TSA)

Example Calculation:

  • Points: 1,295
  • FGA: 850
  • FTA: 420

TSA: 850 + (0.44 × 420) = 1,034.8 TS%: 1,295 / (2 × 1,034.8) = 62.57%


  • FGA (Field Goal Attempts): Total attempts at 2 or 3-point shots.
  • FTA (Free Throw Attempts): Attempts at unopposed free throws.
  • TSA (True Shooting Attempts): Calculated as FGA + (0.44 × FTA).

Why is TS% Useful?

  • Player Improvement: Helps players assess and improve their skills.
  • Fan Perspective: Aids fans in understanding player performance, useful for sports betting or casual fandom.

TS% Values of Professional Players:

  • Michael Jordan: 56.86%
  • Top 3:
    1. Artis Gilmore: 64.33%
    2. DeAndre Jordan: 63.67%
    3. Cedric Maxwell: 62.94%

Lowest: Michael Cooper – 54.42%


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The True Shooting Percentage is a crucial metric for players and fans alike. Utilize the TS calculator to analyze and appreciate basketball performance accurately.